Hello everyone. This blog will focus on the ideas, the successes, and sometimes the failures involved in implementing Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) in the mathematics classroom. We will have several authors with many different opportunities for discussion, so let us know if you have any questions or ideas.

The Authors:

Liza Cope, Delta State University

Susan Crook, Loras College

David Failing, Quincy University

Nick Long, Stephen F. Austin State University

Jeff Shriner, University of Colorado

Jessica Williams, Converse College or www.williamsjessica.com



A few places to go that have more information on IBL:

The Academy of Inquiry Based Learning: http://www.inquirybasedlearning.org/

Math Ed Matters: http://maamathedmatters.blogspot.com/

The IBL Blog: http://theiblblog.blogspot.com/


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Poly Cal Summer 2016 IBL workshop was fantastic and delivered by fired up workshop leaders in details and depth. I certainly will like to continue conversation going forward on IBL instructional strategies.

    Playing devils’ advocate, I see IBL experience complete and effective if we also bring the learning assessment and IBL instructional items design method in prospective, as the discussion goes forward. Also, some focus on activities IBL students do beyond the” IBL select HW” and small group projects items with in the course. What do you think?


    • I think it is important to consider all of the ideas of you mention as a holistic approach to IBL. I have found that it is difficult for me improve on writing good materials and developing better assessments. At the same time, I notice that when I work on any aspect in isolation, whether it be materials, student buy-in, or new assessments, the implementation does not go well unless I adjust the other aspects of the class.
      Atma, what ideas do you see as the most important for you going forward?


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